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Dr. Angela Darragh

Get better quickly while preventing disease. Dr. Darragh uses muscle testing to ask your body what you need. Whether your concerns are simple or complex we can probably help.

Treatments include physical, emotional, and nutritional therapies. We offer acupuncture, homeopathy, B-12 injections, spinal alignment and medical marijuana qualifying patient certification.

Decrease your pain, increase your energy, and enlighten your perspective.

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8149 E Evans Rd Suite 5 – Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Dr. Darragh is a licensed naturopathic doctor and a certified applied kinesiology (AK) specialist. Her passion to educate medical professionals in applied kinesiology is strong. She founded the AK Club at Soutwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and teaches Applied Kinesiology as an elective there.

We have the capacity to heal when given the right environment. Identifying and removing what is harmful while adding in what the body needs brings miraculous results.

Applied kinesiology asks your body what is wrong and how to fix it. This removes much of the guesswork from medicine and avoids the ‘try this and see if it helps’ method of care. I know for sure that every recommendation I make is exactly what that person needs at that time because applied kinesiology helps me confirm it. For example, a person needs blood sugar support for diabetes. There are dozens of herbs, minerals or vitamins that could potentially help!

This person will have a “weak” lattisimus dorsi (a large back muscle). I keep samples of all the supplements to try. I even test food. Often they just need protein, not pills. Whatever strengthens that weak muscle is what that person needs. Its beautifully simple and the clinical outcomes speak for themselves. People feel better fast and they are happy. It makes me happy too. It is a tremendous blessing to guide people in this way.